Ordo Kalendar
For Roman Catholics of Anglican Heritage

Ordering for the 2023 Calendar has ended, but a limited number of extra 2023 calendars remain.

Orders will be filled with a randomly selected parish design.
Ordering info is after the preview calendar below.

The calendar sets forth the observances of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter as given in the official Ordo Book approved by the Bishop.
Orders for the 2024 calendar will begin August 15th. All payments received after subtracting printing and mailing costs are donated to the Bishop's Appeal.

The 2022 Ordo Calendar project raised $1,035.77 for
The Bishop's Appeal.

Follow this link to the full, official, Ordo Book of the POCSP.

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Ordering for the 2023 calendar has ended, but there are some remainders.
Calendars cost $3 each and (except for the remainders) are available only by subscription.
Postage is required for orders of fewer than 25 calendars. For larger orders (sent to U.S. addresses) postage is included. For addresses outside the USA, please contact me at ordo2023@covert.org for postage pricing.
All payments after subtracting printing and mailing costs are
donated to the POCSP Bishop's Appeal.
The 2022 project resulted in a donation of $1,035.77.

Please use the calculator below to determine the total price:

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Scroll up for a slideshow of the 2018 through 2023 calendar pages.

Parish Personalization Options

The "standard" top for 2023 is the same as 2019-2022 and appears below. We have been given permission to use an image of the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston.

Parish personalization is FREE for any order of 50 or more calendars,
and includes replacing any part or all of the standard top with your own design.
For personalized orders of fewer than 42, please add $25.
Otherwise, the empty space on the standard top is available for Do-It-Yourself personalized labels.

The individual pages are in the format of these thumbnail images:

Scroll up for larger images of the calendar pages.

These "ordo calendars" depict in full color what is shaping up each month, and they are often hung in our kitchens and offices and church sacristies. For over half a century, calendars in this format have been available in a number of different editions: one for Episcopalians following the standard calendar, another for those who preferred a higher "Churchman's" ordo, one with the Catholic calendar of the USCCB, plus editions for Methodists, Lutherans, and other Christians.

Thanks to a not-for-profit, private, and independent effort, 2023 Ordo Kalendars will again be available for purchase which follow the unique Catholic calendar for former Anglicans in the Roman Catholic Church. The calendar will only be available by advance subscription.

Our Ordo Kalendars will include the extensive differences in the calendar which are part of the Anglican Patrimony: Sundays after Epiphany, Sundays after Trinity, the season of Pre-Lent with its three "-gesima" Sundays, the Rogation and Ember Days, and a number of additional saints. The calendar is produced by the same computer program which generates the official ordo of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter.

To distinguish this calendar from others with a similar format, this calendar will be known as the "Walsingham Edition" after the principal English shrine of Our Lady, a shrine that is both Catholic and Anglican. There is also a Canadian edition of this calendar, identified as the "Saint John the Baptist Edition".

A Calendar Guide is printed underneath the last calendar page. Below is the 2023 Guide.